Shisha Lounge Fined for Smoking Ban Breach

More than £10,000 fine for breaching the smoking ban will have to paid out by the owner of shisha lounge. 

Shawan Ali was found guilty of two counts of failing to prevent smoking in a smoke-free premises during a hearing last week. Mr. Ali the director of KS Tobacco Ltd, which runs Smoking Aces, 1 Central Parade, Station Road, Harrow
On two occasions - October 28 2012 and October 31 2012 the shisha lounge had been visited by Council officers posing as customers They saw that people were being allowed to smoke shisha tobacco inside.

According to the owner Mr All, Smoking Aces was a 'specialist tobacconist' shop - venues which are allowed to let people smoke inside in order to sample tobacco products available for sale.

However, the Council did not shared the same opinion and believed that the venue was in breach of smoking laws.

After the Magistrates at Willesden Magistrates Court have agreed with the Council, both Mr Ali and his company were found guilty of two offences under the Section 8 of the Health Act 2006.

They were fined £2,000 for each offence (£8,000 total) and ordered to pay Council costs totalling £2,620.
Mr Shawan Ali was not present in court for the hearing, the cleaners in Harrow said.